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Rider Day

Celebrating the importance of good communication in the live music industry

Rider Day mission

The why

Rider Day is an initiative brought to life by RIDLINE to emphasize and think more about the importance of good communication in the live industry.

Firstly, good communication insists on having listening and reading skills, being clear, attentive and generally caring. COVID-19 has proved that it is the one key element that can keep us in the live industry together and find solutions to come out of any crisis. It has never before been more evident what a difference communication can make.

Secondly, artist riders just happens to be the one document around which the communication quality can make or break a live concert production. With a lot going on and riders seemingly being just a small part, their importance is oftentimes neglected. Rider day calls for the live music industry to check the document that ties together many parties - the rider.

Why 30th of March?

Some of you may have heard the story about brown M&Ms - the one item on Van Halens artist rider they did NOT want to see. In 1980 on 30th of March there was a performance in which the backstage had brown M&Ms present. This was also the day that the whole stage crashed.


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Showcase your professional skills and make subject matter

Update your live performance documents - when was the last time you read over or improved your rider? When was the last time you thought how important rider is for a good performance? Are all contacts up to date? Is all information still relevant in rider or is something missing?

Show your effort and tell your story by posting in social media using #riderday.

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Rider Day live panels will take place on 30th of March every year.

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Rider Day in years


Rider Day: Levels of Adjustment

Live Music Industry Rising from the Ashes

Where has the live industry arrived after the big waves of pandemic, what has changed and what do we still have to look out for.

Clara Cullen - Venue support manager in Music Venue Trust (UK)
Sara Herrlin - Founder of STHLM Music City (Sweden)
Sten Ove Toft - Booking agent at BLÅ Booking (Norway)

Music to Move the World

Ukrainian musicians sharing their viewpoint on the war and songs or projects made to connect the nation. Also, how to promote your music if you have no money to spend.

Tember Blanche - Independent duo (Ukraine)
Kola - Artist (Ukraine)
ROXOLANA - Artist (Ukraine)
Disappeared Completely - Band (Ukraine)

Post-COVID Concert Productions

Engineers will share their experience with the live music productions, changes in the market, what to expect and what does the near future hold.

Ema Gazdík - Sound engineer (UK)
Natalia Bassak - Sound engineer (Poland)
Gregory Chekulaev - Sound engineer (Estonia)


Rider Day: Reshaping the Live Music Industry

Artist Development Through Live Mediums

The advantages of strategic use of available platforms and live mediums that can powerfully thrust forward an artist career.

Golchehr Ghavami - Regional manager at AFEM (Germany)
David Serras - Intellectual property lawyer at Unison Rights (Spain)
Mikael Lenart - Founder of Venue (Sweden)
Mike Merle - Founder of RockStream.Live (USA)

Online Concert Productions During Covid-19

How to effectively promote and execute a concert production that is meant for live streaming.

Andy Jones - Co-founder and booker of FOCUS Wales festival (UK)
Gaianè Kevorkian - Representing movement L ´Ultimo Concerto and Keep On LIVE (Italy)
Kalle Josephson - Co-founder of 36h Ingrid Festival (Sweden)

Reshaping the Live Music Industry

How does the future look for the live industry and long-term shifts of the live music business models, from live shows to online concerts.

Givar Shabani - Founder and CEO of Gigital (Sweden)
Han Zhang - Business development manager at Musicinfo.io (China)
Adriana Alcover - Communication & Press Manager for ASSAC (Spain)


Be part of Rider Day

If this event brings value to your audience or you have knowledge you would like to share then you are more than welcome to write team@ridline.com and collaborate.