Music business internship – RIDLINE

Music business internship in Ridline

Why Ridline?

Ridline is a small and strongly tied team with a mission to innovate the live music industry. We have definitely experienced internships and know that it is an important decision that can set your future professional interests. This is why this internship takes you in as a full team member, not an assistant for lousy coffee-making jobs. This will mean that your voice will be heard but also that you will have the same amount of responsibility as everyone else. Our team can teach you how to be agile, not linear in how you think about your work. We will look into your professional, personal and work ethic development.

What kind of people are fit to start an internship in Ridline?


Eager to learn marketing

If you are interested in developing yourself in the marketing and communication field.


Live industry driven

You are interested and have experience in knowing how the live industry works.



You are not afraid of basic numbers, calculations and can be prompt with dates.



You are ready to be challenged, to take on responsibility and deliver where promised.



You are goal-driven, enthusiastic and eager to create.


Team player

You are a team player who is not afraid to get their hands dirty.

Past experience interview

Intern Sergio Cruz - SAE Institute Barcelona

Sergio was an intern in Ridline for 6 months full time and worked remotely from Barcelona. In the end of his internship we asked his honest feedback about the time he had in Ridline.

What did you gain during the internship?

What I gained during the internship was the opportunity to work with a competitive team in a high-paced environment. This pushed me and allowed me to develop skills that will now allow me to reach new heights in the music industry. I also learned how the live music industry works, by understanding key players and their roles within the industry, it’s dynamics and how they interact with each other. Overall it was a great experience to get started which allowed me to gain relevant skills and knowledge rapidly.

What did you love most about the internship?

What I loved the most was the opportunity to get to know and interact with relevant people from relevant organizations within the live music industry. I got the opportunity to meet artist managers, booking agents, tour managers, promoters, among others, and even got the opportunity to talk personally with some of these professionals.

In addition, I did not feel like just an intern but as a vital part of the team. This of course was challenging as I was expected to deliver results and being creative and innovative in order to achieve the goals we set as a team.

What was the best about the team?

The best about the team was the work ethics. The team would always set relevant goals and work in a smart and effective way. The team had a certain work culture, mentality and practical work methodology from which I learned and can apply in future job opportunities and projects. Last but not least, I have built a relationship with high quality people, that strive to be better in a personal and professional level. Thank you team Ridline!

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