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Tech riders.

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Value Ridline offers


Work faster

You can give up spreadsheets. Ridline is the most intuitive rider creation softwares ever to exist. No more time spent on Googling and finding solutions to create your stageplot. Your performance needs can be all profesionally created and stored in one place.


Save time

The software has been designed together with engineers and managers, so that all performance needs can be read out in a fast and efficient way. With a clear and structured proposal the artist crew will save time from advancing and the concert organizing crew from processing.


Work smarter

Ridline let’s you create state of the art riders that communicate performance related information clearly. Work in cloud to keep your riders up-to-date in ease and store them all in one place. Save yourself from costly mistakes and wasted time.

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“Ridline is a team with a clear goal in sight, necessary skill sets present and very motivated leadership from day one!”

Virgo Sillamaa

Music Estonia

Work smarter, not harder

It all starts with a rider

Non-technical requirements

Specify security, transportation, merchandise, travel and all other details.

Technical requirements

PA, lights, mixers and much more.

Input and output list

Add instruments, microphones and other gear.

Stage plot

Set stage size, drag instruments and monitors.


Accommodation, backstage and other needs of the artist and the crew.

Community updates

Digital portal to start a great discussion.

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