Total control over artist riders

Ridline is on a mission to give you full control - create state of the art riders, advance, protect and manage different versions.

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Focus on providing artist care

Enjoy the future of artist riders with Ridline

No more old riders

No more old riders

Even if the rider has been changed in the middle of tour and already printed out - with Ridline the promoters team will still have the latest version available.
Track record

Track record

Van Halen’s brown M&M’s can stay in the history books as you will have full overview of who has read, how much your rider and who has access to it - even if the rider is just link shared.
Version control

Version control

Collaborate with your crew or the organizer for any changes or additions needed in the artist rider. Clear overview of changes.

“Poorly written riders and last minute unknown changes create costly mistakes”

Gaute Dahl Wardenær

Festival production manager and technician, Norway

The future of riders

See what we have for you

Rider Basic


Non-technical requirements

Specify security, transportation, merchandise, travel and all other details.


Technical requirements

PA, lights, mixers and much more.


Input and output list

Add instruments, microphones and other gear.


Stage plot

Set stage size, drag instruments and monitors.



Accommodation, backstage and other needs of the artist and the crew.

Rider example


Rider Standard

coming in 2022

Advanced rider chapters and structuring

Add advanced chapters such as backline or others to create state of the art riders in ease and communicate performance related information clearly. With Ridline you can save time on creating structured proposals and help the promoter’s crew to process your rider faster.


Crew collaboration

Creating a rider has never been easier. All parties can collaboratively add what they need. You can work in cloud to keep your riders up-to-date and store them all in one place. No longer is creating riders or having an overview of them a mess.


Customize and enjoy offline

You can add a custom logo to your rider to bring out your artist branding. Export you riders in various ways - CSV, XLS, PDF and printable versions.

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